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Do you offer shipping interstate and internationally?

We offer shipping Australia wide for a flat fee of $25.

At this stage we are not offering international shipping, sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.

What are our candles made of?

All of the candles we produce (blobbies and pillars) are made from a high performance soy bend wax. (As 100% pure soy is too soft for sculptural candles). This blend is primarily soy mixed with smaller portions of certified sustainable palm, medical grade paraffin and a plant based additive to achieve hardness. 

This makes our wax sustainable, non toxic and vegan. 

How am I best to light the candles?

We recommend using a long line lighter or long line match and working from the outside in with extreme care.

Is there a layout guide for how to set up our base like yours?

Get XRJCreative, there is no set plan or way to set up the taper candles in the base, we like to mix up the heights and colours sporadically, remember make it your own.

If you want inspiration checkout out our Instagram for imagery from all different creatives.

What happens if when I take my candles out and one breaks off and is in the base?

Don’t worry! Its an easy fix, Use a skewer or butter knife and gently remove it!

When you put the candles in, what is the best way to do so?

Holding the base of the candle with a firm hold slowly twist the candle in working from the middle out – do not try and twist from the top/tip of the candle as this will easily snap the candle. You will notice it is a snug fit, and you will end up with some little candle shavings on the base, we recommend using a dust buster OR a small paintbrush to gently remove.

Is the candle shaver essential to use prior to inserting the candles into the XRJCelebrations base?

Yes! It's easy to use, means that placing your candles in the base and twisting them is a dream. It’s a tool you will have forever and we cant live without it! We recommend 3-4 turns making sure you position the candle in the middle of the shaver so you don’t damage the candle body.

What are the measurements of the bases and candles?

Base Size: 100cm width, 8.5cm height, 8.5cm depth
Holds 59 Candles 
Candle Sizes include: 25cm, 30cm & 40cm Taper Candles

Base Size: 50cm width, 8.5cm height, 8.5cm depth
Holds 29 Candles 
Candle Sizes include: 25cm, 30cm & 40cm Taper Candles


Want to know anything else?

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